The selected file is not a valid ISO file

November 7 2011 17:24 / by: Bryan Didas / Filed in:Windows 7

Ran into a new issue for me this week. I recently downloaded a couple of ISO files from Microsoft, both are the new Windows 8 developer preview. I had plans to burn the 32bit version to a DVD and install on an old PC I have in my lab. The other I planned to create a USB boot stick and install on a VHD (Virtual Hard Disk).

On my Windows 7 laptop I made sure I had a new blank DVD in the drive bay, selected the 32bit ISO file and right clicked, when the Windows Disk Image Burner dialog opened I picked burn. Where I was notified that “The selected image isn't valid.” What?? I downloaded from a Microsoft website.


Well, maybe the file didn’t download properly or had gotten corrupted. I decided I would try to setup my USB boot stick. First I insert a new blank USD drive into one of the ports. Then opened up the Windows 7 USB download tool, and when prompted to select the ISO, I picked the 64bit file and selected next in the tool. What?? Again???


So am I now to believe that both downloads are corrupted? I then took the 32bit file and put it on another laptop  with a WinXP OS and was able to burn the ISO image with 3rd party burning software. At this point I am now thinking that there is something else going on.

After searching for the Invalid ISO File errors I ran across a blog post where someone had made a utility that would manipulate the ISO file and configure it so that Windows 7 would accept the image.


To find and explanation of what this tool corrects and a link to download the utility go here Another problem solved.